Free Real Estate Investment Cash Flow Workshops

At Jim Toners FREE real estate investment cash flow workshop, Jim will provide a detailed, step by step action plan on how to spot and capitalize on today’s exploding investment real-estate market. You will learn many specific techniques you can use right away. Attendees will also get a copy of Jim’s new book, The Consumers Guide to Investment Real Estate.

Next Event:
Roseville March 19th,
and Sacramento March 20th

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  • The BILLIONAIRE secret from Andrew Carnegie that you can use TODAY
  • Creating new streams of income in today’s economy
  • Retirement 911…how to save and skyrocket the value of your 401k or IRA
  • The secret to using debt as wealth builder
  • The 12 “little house” Millionaire blueprint.
  • How to get all the money for every deal
  • The mail box money plan…instead of bills, you get checks
  • and so much more…

Seating is very limited....register now!



Hello, and welcome to The Investor Depot. This site is meant for one thing and one thing only and that is helping people get deals done. The world of investment is a very big money business with the opportunities for life changing profits. However, to do that, you have to be in the game. There is no other way around it.

Although this site will be chalk full of real world information and strategies to help you with your deals, what the site is really for is what we call “DO’ers” That means, people who get things done. And that means, deals!

Look at this site as your “Community”. Just some of the things you will find are

  • Resources
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Funding Sources
  • Educational videos
  • and much more…

You will find no fluff or filler here, only straight talk. Real people, real deals, real results…..THE INVESTOR DEPOT

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Updates on Current Deals

One of the big things we do with clients is “Group Buys” where we allow people who can’t afford to buy and sell properties independently to get involved by buying a piece of a deal.  These updates keep our investors informed on the progress of the houses.  Want to get involved?  Call us at 800-376-9860

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JTWB International is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based real estate investment training, and consulting firm. We offer a wide variety of services including hands-on training for beginning and advanced real estate investors. With many looking to diversify from the unknowns of Wall Street, JTWB International offers proven, safe, and profitable options for anyone looking to secure their financial future. As professional real estate investors with over 100 years of real world investing experience within our team, we provide the expertise needed when looking to build a successful investment portfolio. Our personalized services are designed to fit any lifestyle and investment objective, giving you freedom, security, piece of mind, and most importantly…..RESULTS.